The Great Resignation: Why Meaningful Work Matters

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Can we agree that the last few years have been a rough roller coaster ride?

Since 2020, we’ve experienced great loss and a complete upheaval of almost everything that we know as normal. The painful and long-term impact of a global pandemic has led to destructive economic outcomes. We’ve witnessed social unrest, a result of the disease of racism. Political strife and division continue to keep us divided, preventing the real work from getting done. Our educational systems are trying but often fail to serve students who are struggling and grappling with mental and physical health risk factors. Globally, we are watching as a narcissistic leader in Russia attempts the takeover of the sovereign nation of Ukraine while innocent women, men, and children die.

Long ago The Temptations coined the term, “Ball of Confusion.” Although written in the sixties, I believe the sentiment still exists. Our world is a ball of confusion.

As it relates to the world of work, The Great Resignation is a phenomenon that describes the record numbers of people leaving their jobs during the COVID-19 pandemic. According to a CNBC article, in 2021, roughly 47 million workers voluntarily quit their jobs. High turnover has continued into 2022, with 4.4 million peopleĀ resigning in February, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. Many people have left or are considering leaving their current jobs, and asking themselves, “Is there a better way?”

An article by NPR in November 2021 about The Great Resignation offers a few reasons for why people might be leaving work. The article cites 1) The stress of working through the conditions of the pandemic, 2) The benefits of remote work, 3) The realization that work is not just for paying bills. Instead, according to a subject quoted in the article,

I do need to pay bills, so I have to work,” he says. But, work has to accommodate life.”

This sentiment speaks to the need for MEANINGFUL work. If we spend 60% of our time working, shouldn’t it be a place where we find JOY? When the dust settles in your life, post-pandemic, will you be in a place where your work is fulfilling? And if that answer to that right now is “NO,” will you give yourself permission to find work that is fulfilling and accommodates YOUR life?

So many people want this for themselves, but don’t know how to get it. One way to start that process is through coaching. It’s a safe space to find the answers you’re looking for. To get clarity around your goals and what you want and need from work. In the end, you create a plan to help you find what your heart seeks- a purposeful career path.

When the chaos of the last few years settles, how will you adjust?

Let’s answer that question, together. Contact PurposeFULL Seed and schedule a Free Purpose Clarity Call to begin.

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